Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zion National Canyon...we made it out alive!

The last repell on their six hour Mystery Canyon hike.
Preston repelling down the waterfall into The Narrows.
I think this was one of the smaller repells in Mystery Canyon...most of them were around 100 feet high. My husband is crazy, I don't get it, but he thinks it's fun!
The six of us (Annie, Preston, Me, Kyle, Ashley, & Stephen) at the end of the 2nd day (The Narrows). It was so beautiful!!!
You can't really see us, but me & Kyle chest deep in the water (in The Narrows/Wall Street). It was around 9 p.m. & it was COLD!
The Narrows again...finally some land! The water was tough because of all the rocks in it.

Kyle & Stephen in Pine Creek Canyon. The guys did this while the girls went shopping in St. George:)

Getting ready to go down the waterfall (I think).

Kyle & Preston getting some sun in Pine Creek (trying to dry off a little). The slot canyons were so amazing! I'm so glad Steve knows what he's doing so he could take us off the beaten paths!

Getting ready to hike up Angel's Landing.

Halfway up Angel's makes you feel so small!
Here I am repelling down Keyhole...

Easing myself into the freezing cold, stinky water! Yuck!!!
Trying to hurry & swim as fast as I can!! When we were done with this slot canyon (3 hours), we stunk so bad!! Then we turned around & hiked Angel's Landing. I don't think the people around us appreciated it:)

FREEZING COLD...I couldn't feel my feet. I think the water was around 35-40 degrees. Burr!
Kyle repelling down Mystery of the 100+ foot cliffs.

Oops, this picture is out of order. Keyhole again.
Keyhole was an amazing slot canyon (cold, but worth it!).
We had such a fun three days in Zion. Happily we all made it out safe!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Prescott, AZ camping trip

This past week we drove down to Prescott, AZ to go camping with Kyle's family. The kids did so well on the 10 hour drive! I love Caleb's little froggy ears when he watches movies in the truck:)

They built the cabin around this huge rock...the kids loved climbing on it.

Shaylee and her favorite person in the whole world, Nadine!!

Hanging out & relaxing...catching up with the family:)

This is me with my mother-in-law & soon to be sister-in-law Ashley at an old windmill.

We went through a great museum downtown...lots of history, loved it!

Here we are with Kyle's brother Stephen & his fiance Ashley, at the Fort Misery Cabin...hence the frowns (well, all of us except for KYLE, who ruined our misery pic! We just couldn't get him to look miserable! ) It was the first cabin built in AZ.

We stayed at Kyle's Aunt & Uncle's cabin, named Granite Dells. It has a really interesting was a famous resort (before WWII) with a pool/lake out front of the dance hall. They filmed an old movie there & every year there were about 20,000 guests that stayed.

Pictures of the filming of the movie "Leave her to Heaven".

Having fun on the quads.

Best buddies, Caleb & his cousin Liam. They are our two little trouble makers!

Shaylee at the lake. She loved feeding the ducks.

With my best friend & sister-in-law, Melissa.

The four of us:)

We had a great time taking out the canoes...great arm workout, especially in the wind!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Cold, Wet Easter!

Saturday morning we went to the American Fork Easter Egg Hunt. Kyle was in Phoenix on business, so my mom went with me (thankfully!). It rained on us the entire time & my poor kids were miserable!

I went with Caleb to his age group, & my mom with Shaylee. I wasn't able to go in with Caleb once the horn went off, so I tried to keep a close eye on him...but there were too many kids & he's just too short!!! I lost my sweet little boy in a sea of kids! I searched for an hour (or at least it felt that long), then I spotted my neighbor & asked her to help me find him. Finally after much panic, a guy came up & asked if we knew anyone who had lost a little boy. Yaaaaay, finally I found my poor kid, who was crying uncontrollably & told me to never lose him again. I learned my lesson & from now on we will have a mutual meeting spot if we get seperated. Ugh!
Here is Caleb patiently waiting for the horn, little did he know he would soon be lost:(

I had to pick up Kyle from the airport at 11:00 p.m. Saturday night, then drive home & play Easter we didn't get to bed until really late!! And of course bright & early at 6 a.m. Caleb came running in our room screaming that the Easter Bunny came to our house! I kept telling him to give me just one more hour, followed by just 30 more minutes, then just 10 more minutes...he finally guilted me into getting up.
Shaylee was so excited to find her little basket of goodies:)
Happy kids with a TON of loot! Spoiled little stinkers:)
The kids in their Easter clothes before we left for church. They were on a sugar high & had a really hard time sitting still during Sacrament. Next year, no sugar before church!!

Overall it was a good Easter and we are so grateful for the Atonement & everything Christ did for all of us. When times are tough, I try to be grateful for all of my blessings & as President Hinkley always said, "just try your best"!

I hope all of our friends & family had a great Easter!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Wednesday my dad passed away at Provo Hospital. He never woke up from his brain surgery, so we decided it was best to let him go. It's a blessing that he died so soon after we took him off all of the medical equipment, and we know he is now in a better place. Yesterday we went to Delta and had a little gathering with friends & family.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crazy Few Weeks!

It's been an extremely busy, hectic, and roller-coaster month! This morning my dad had emergency brain surgery. He had an anurism...the Dr. said he's lucky to be alive & that it was caught right in time. The surgery was about 3 hours, and so far he's doing great. Now we just have to wait & see how he progresses. Hopefully there won't be any complications. We're going to visit him in about an hour to see if he's coming out of the anesthesia.

We moved up here on Valentines Day weekend because the weather was suppose to be clear for our big move. But of course it was really cold & snowing on us! What a welcome back to Utah:) I've moved a lot in the past 13 years, so I thought it would be a pretty easy move, but it was a TON of work!!!! It's taken us a couple of weeks to get settled, but we've made good progress. (By the way, my mom is looking for a job if anyone knows of a bookkeeping job nearby:) We love our neighbors, they have all been so kind & helpful. It definitely helps with being homesick...we miss all of our friends & family in Arizona so much!!! But we think we'll really love it here, too!Although my kids are having a little bit of a rough time. They won't admit it, but from the day we moved here, Shaylee all of a sudden has imaginary friends. And Caleb has been acting out a bit. It's a huge adjustment, & I know they'll be fine, it's just been a really hard few weeks. Oh, & to top it all off, the transmission in our truck had to be replaced! It's only 5 years old, and we missed the warranty by 4 months!!!! I guess it can only go up from here?!? Let's hope the next month will be better:)

Friday, January 23, 2009

CA Trip

On the way home we stopped by to check out these cool rocks... They built this house around a huge rock. Clever:)

Kyle in front of the L.A. Temple.
What road is this called? Anyways, us by a famous person's star.
Kyle & our friend Walter getting into trouble:)
We were away from our kids for 9 days...way too long!! I missed my babies. But we had a great time and did a lot of sight seeing. Glad we don't live in California!!!

Fun on New Years Eve

Kyle holding up the Christmas tree so we could torch it. We drive around & gather as many trees as we can find & then set them on fire in the Robinson's backyard. The kids (& adults) LOVE this tradition:) By the end of the night we're all covered in ashes & smell real pretty.

Tired baby!